Help Web crawlers efficiently crawl your portal sites and Web sites

Web site administrators, as well as search technology providers, face the challenge to find or assist in locating high-quality information. With the new Sitemaps 0.90 protocol, Web site administrators can support this endeavor by providing information about their site to crawlers in a more optimal fashion. This protocol makes it possible to specify exactly what to crawl, the frequency of updates to the information, and its importance relative to that specific site.

This article provides an overview of the Sitemaps 0.90 protocol and also tells you how to use IBM® WebSphere® Portal Version 6 (hereafter called WebSphere Portal) to produce and deploy such a sitemap. You should have a good understanding of XML and WebSphere Portal administration to fully understand what you are reading.

via Help Web crawlers efficiently crawl your portal sites and Web sites


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