Creating an IBM Lotus Web Content Management site structure with one click

If you work with IBM Lotus Web Content Management, one of your recurring tasks is defining site structure. This task by its nature is time-consuming and repetitive; you are required to take more than 10 distinct steps to create a single site or site area. Moreover, site structures are not portable by design; you cannot export your site structure from one library on one server to a different library on a different server. Instead, you need to recreate the entire site structure manually.Because the number of sites and site areas that make up a single site structure can reach the thousands, you need a method to automate the process of defining the site structure and to make it easier to move, export, and import. In this article, you can learn a simple way to define your site structure as an XML file and deploy it accordingly.

via Creating an IBM Lotus Web Content Management site structure with one click.


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