Connections FAQ 11/16/12

  1. What is the difference between following someone and adding them to your network? By following someone, you subscribe to that person and you see *all* the updates from that person in the activity stream (files update, comments in blogs, votes in ideation etc). When you add someone to your network, but don’t follow them, then you only see their status updates and nothing else in the homepage. My recommendation is to use Following as a filter. **Only** follow the people and content you are interested in. The more people and content you follow, the noisier it would be in the activity stream.  For example, I only follow 23 people as an example (my management chain and various of the VPs and Directors for the various projects).
  2. In the activity stream when someone posts a comment on someone’s post you would see their name on top of the post but the comments are below the post. Why are we doing this and is it part of a standard? The activity stream always highlights the person that took action on something. Since it’s the person that commented, you see their picture and then below you see a snipped of the action. Since the action is a comment on a status update, you see the photo of the original poster there. It creates consistency.

About CollabDude

I am a collaboration specialist, blogger, twitterer working for IBM. My main responsibilities are to evangelize social business and it's benefits for fostering innovation, building efficiencies in your processes, promoting knowledge transfers and collaboration within your enterprise, your partners, and your customers. Okay, that was a bit over the top, so to net this out, just think of socializing inside and outside of your organization using IBM Collaboration Solutions. Definitely a people person. Much of his spare time is spent trying to get a balanced life. Taking the time away from work and just enjoy life. Keeping my mind and body fit by working out. Spending time with family and friends. Eating a balance diet..yada yada yada...
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